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01 November 2012 @ 01:09 am
This blog is dedicated to Jweb blogs and Limited Time Only Sites on Jweb!
And it is now....

***Friends Locked***
So please leave a comment here and add me first, to be added to my friends list.
(if you don't add me within a week of me adding you, you'll be taken off my f-list)
*EVERYONE AS OF 1/24 10:17pm Japan Standard Time has been added*


While I'm living in Japan, I figure I would take advantage of the situation and join Jweb, practice my Japanese/English translating skills *when i'm not lazy* and share with everyone that can't access the site!

Once I catch up on writing all the blogs in Japanese, I'll start translating...

**Click on the names or icons to j ump to the journals!

- Arashi

Aiba Masaki
Matsumoto Jun                                   Ninomiya Kazunari
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Ohno Satoshi
                                                       Sakurai Sho
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関ジャニ∞ -Kanjani∞

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03 March 2010 @ 11:58 pm
I have been slammed with work and my new hobby (sewing) as well as translating for AST, so I am losing time that i gave to this site.

With that said, I will try my best to update twice a week. 

Mondays and Thursdays.

Also, due to the lack of comments on some of the journals, I will be focusing on upping the following:

Kanjani Sentai Rangers
Satoshi no Hitokoto
Toma's Room

I am sorry for any journals I missed, but I do have a life, and I am doing this on my own.

Please, comment if you read them because no comments equals no readers.... which equals no reaso for me to up the journals.

25 January 2010 @ 03:32 pm
Hello jweb lovers! ♡

First off, we are at 947 members!!!!!! *throws confetti*

Also, I just finished upping ALL of the うらあらし messages for the 5x10 tour.

Please check them out by using this jweb_4649  community.  If any of you would like to translate, into ANY language, please PM me :D

If you can read this update, but are not able to see any of the jwebs... it's because you didn't read the welcome or FAQ page properly.

I'm going to start adding more jwebs as I catch up with old ones I have missed...

Don't forget to check out Sho-chan's Tokujo! and Toma-kun's Ningen Shikkaku limited edition blogs.
18 January 2010 @ 09:50 pm
final venue!!!Collapse )
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15 January 2010 @ 09:18 am
Ok, so for now, looks like I am going to be keeping up with sentai rangers, matsujun, sho-kun, oh-chan, and toma.

I have seen a lot of Pi entries in communities, so if I have time, ill be doing those.

Also, toma has a new (revamped) jweb.

It is now called "Toma's Room 生田斗真の部屋".  Basically Tomagoto is still going on... but he hasn't said ciao at the end since the renewal of his area.  There are a few new features for his movie "人間失格” so I'll be adding information for that a bit later on next week.

I will update the welcome page with the image from Toma's room when I get back from 5x10 in Nagoya... but there is a new tag that I'll be adding for this blog. no. 9
Hello everyone!!!! *comes out from under a rock*

My 2010 new years resolution is to get back to regular posting!!!!

For all of you who have added AND commented, I will be adding you all as soon as I finish this post.... I appologize for the lack of posts but real life took over and I was too busy to read Jweb myself. *kicks my life*

If you read the Jweb, please leave a comment.  After a few weeks, I will start to reduce the ones that arent getting commented on so I can reasonably keep up with them all on a daily/weekly basis.

Let's have a good time in 2010!!!!