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25 January 2010 @ 12:53 am
[update] no. 10 うらあらし and translations  
Hello jweb lovers! ♡

First off, we are at 947 members!!!!!! *throws confetti*

Also, I just finished upping ALL of the うらあらし messages for the 5x10 tour.

Please check them out by using this jweb_4649  community.  If any of you would like to translate, into ANY language, please PM me :D

If you can read this update, but are not able to see any of the jwebs... it's because you didn't read the welcome or FAQ page properly.

I'm going to start adding more jwebs as I catch up with old ones I have missed...

Don't forget to check out Sho-chan's Tokujo! and Toma-kun's Ningen Shikkaku limited edition blogs.